James Earl Jones & Long Ago and Far Away.

Janko Raven.
It's weird how the mind works...last week I got a memory flash of James Earl Jones's deep voice- as the presenter of a show I watched as a kid...although I couldn't remember his name or the name of the show at the time...it was seriously gnawing at me...then today the words Long Ago and Far Away randomly popped into my noggin and when I googled it this photo came up:

... Now that I've re-watched it I realize why James+the show had such a huge impression on me...the animation and stories are incredible!

Ben Javens. Illustrator. Unseen Agency. Uk

Daniel Johnston (<3)

Girl from Ipanema (<3 Astrud Gilberto)


Jill Freedman. Photographer. Writer. Documentarian.

Jill is a self-taught (mostly B+W) photographer who worked in NYC during the '70s. One of my fave photographers ever. I revisted her work the other day after seeing this video:


sorry there's no direct link :(

The List.

Yes Studio. UK.
so simple. so sweet.

Happiness at Work Studio. London.

Not Bad For a Girl. I don't like the name of this brand much but this promo shot is illmatic.


Design smack of reality.

Flore de crombrugghe + Addictlab. Brussels.
The transparent bath displays the number of drinkable water bottles you are using when taking a bath.
I don't know what I like more the sketch drawings or the bath design itself...


Music sounds better with you.

Stardust. Directed by Michael Gondry.
This is one of my favorite music videos+songs of all time. I remember seeing it for the 1st time at my grandmothers apartment. She had cable (my parents being hardcore hippies were anti-TV for a while..I was a deprived child I know) so whenever my brother and I would visit grandmum we would bum rush the TV to watch MuchMusic. I was so drawn into this video-the music/ the story/the vintage style-twas intensely amazing. I was only 12 when it came out in '98, and didn't know who Michael Gondry was, but even then I was in love...

Decisions, Decisions.

Jamie Wieck. London.
Wicked print!

Industrial revamp.

New Zealand.
OF COURSE! re-using vacant shipping containers for (preferably low-cost) housing of vertically standing single containers (less energy to heat/cool+smaller plot of land used) more like this one:

(via equitygreen blog)


The Warhol Philosophy Collection.

Punch Cup.


Simone Brewster. London.


Drink and Dream. Brooklyn.
Embroydered pillow cases.

Grun design.

(promotional video for new Adidas eco-friendly sneaks)

Guerilla Gardening is radical!

So adidas has jumped on the 'green' band wagon with their Grun Collection sneakers made from recycled shoe material. Unfortunately I think the kicks are quite boring (why I didn't post pics of em). I am down with companies trying to be more environmentally responsible but its unfortunate that this is often at the expense of nice design. It's annoyingly obvious that giant companies like adidas put out enviro-friendlier products to make a dollar off the now popular 'green market'+ not because they care about the cause=passionless design. The truth is hippies like myself are concerned about consuming responsibly AND sincere aesthetics.