Hank Feeley. Artist. Chicago.

oil on canvas.

Interestingly enough, Hank Feeley is a former international CEO + Chairman of the mega American advertising company Leo Burnett Worldwide (McDonald’s, Coke, Walt Disney, Marlboro, Kellogg’s, Visa, Hallmark etc. with 97 offices in 84 countries) He also graduated from Harvard Business School + the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

David Buckingham. Sculptor. LA.

show me on the doll where the bad man touched you.

Welded recycled steel.

Laura Pannack. Photographer. London.



Be back in a couple of days!


James Hopkins. Sculptor/Installation Artist. London.


Arielle Falk. Video + Performance Artist. Brooklyn.

... something comedic about this... a 'bobble head' of ski masks... I dig the 'Thomas Crown Affair syle' song...

Hot Chocolate.


RAGE5 at The Emporium Gallery.

RAGE5's PURGATORY (or some place like it) exhibition opens at The Emporium Gallery (3035 St. Antoine Ouest) on Thursday, November 5th from 7-11pm. The exhibition will also be open Saturday, November 7th - Sunday, November 8th. Private viewings available by appointment from Monday, November 9th to Wednesday, November 11th.

About PURGATORY (or some place like it)
Appropriating religious iconography in order to develop an aesthetic that takes cues its from the uncanny and the metaphysical, PURGATORY (or some place like it) is an exhibition that exemplifies the state of limbo and unease that RAGE5, a Montreal-based street artist, feels as he increasingly operates within a gallery environment. Bold and immersive, About PURGATORY (or some place like it) is as much a stunning visual statement as it is an insight into a state of mind.

Artist Statement
"Having made a name for myself as a graffiti artist, I now find myself experiencing a rite of passage as I attempt my way into the gallery scene. While keeping a foot firmly set in the urban landscape with my street art, I am now experiencing a state of limbo which PURGATORY (or someplace like it) refers to. The religious imagery and symbols adopted in this new work metaphorically portray my inhibitions, fears, hopes and desires as I now transition from a seemingly unregulated world to an organized system. This new series of work illustrates my limited yet growing understanding of the constructs that make up the art milieu vs. my anarchic approach to street art." -RAGE5

About RAGE5
RAGE5 is a Montreal-based multi-discinplinary artist. Having studied visual arts at Dawson College and film at Concordia University, RAGE5 is an avid graffiti writer, painter, illustrator, photographer and filmmaker- which explains why his creative outputs can be found in the streets, galleries and cinemas. His iconic posters and stickers can be found throughout the urban landscapes of Montreal, Baja Mexico and Tokyo. He has previously participated in numerous group exhibitions (such as En Masse) and art festivals (having participated in Under Pressure on four different occasions) and, his new film is set to be released very shortly. RAGE5 is undeniably prolific, expressive and a genuine contributor to Montreal's arts scene.

This exhibition is presented by The Emporium Gallery, Switzerland CS and Bierbrier.

Jeffar Khaldi. Artist. Palestinian. Dubai.

oil on canvas. Wish you were here.

Jeffar is the founder of Dubai's B21 gallery... he's an influential figure in the local Dubai art scene.