Solomon Hendrix Gibbs. Player. L.A

AGE: 4
Who inspires your style?
Little Bill.
Who has wack style?
Last clothing item you purchased?
I got my moms and pops on lock. I make them buy all my clothes, and I save my money for the ladies.
Most common statement about your style?
“How cute.”
What’s the next big trend?
Ben 10 watches.
Favorite city?
Dream job?
A superhero.

from Complex Magazine- see more here.

Holy shit this kid is incredible.

Gavin Watson. Photographer. Badass. London.

I'm a big time fan of Gavin and his work... totally legit cat and photographer... I relate to his approach to picture taking... working from intuition... I strive to one day achieve his level of style.

Patrick Fry. Graphic Designer. London.

Memoirs of a Kettle.

Nike Air Zoom All Court + Hiroshi Fujiwara.

available on September 22nd, 2009- the Black colorway is only available in the US.

David Schleinkofer. Sci-Fi painter.

david's flickr

Linnea Strid. Painter. Sweden.

oil on canvas.