Free find.

Kinda useless but I like cause its a) handmade b) wood.



Johnny Kelly.


Li Dafang. China. 2007. Oil on canvas.


Kali Arulpragasam. Super Fertile.

(M.I.A's sis)
I know this has received mad press but I think the work is deserving of it. Powerful statements that also look radical when worn. Some unique art.

Sacred Ways.

natural handcrafted sandalwood watches.
Sacred ways is a 'spiritual community' in Northern Cali, a sort of commune of artisans, I'm totally down.


Night Swimming.

Yann Orhan. France. 2007.
I revisited these photos the other day and fell in awe with them again...so I thought I'd share in the beauty.

Niki Kavakonis Designs.

"Cracked Ice II"

Sarah Lucas.

'christ you know it aint easy's'. 2003
(medium: cigarets)