...from the article/review titled Mindfuck Movies by Matthew Baldwin of themorningnews.org

Zackary Canepari. Photographer. SF.



Diego Gravinese. Buenos Aires.

oil on canvas.

Bedwin & The Heartbreakers. Tokyo.


The Lutz's Floating Cabin.

This house may not look very modern or glamorous... but if you're talking sustainable, 'sea-level rising' adapted housing this is it. Located on Powell Lake in B.C., this 40-40 ft. cedar floating cabin has 2 floors with bedrooms, a kitchen, and dining and living areas. A series of smaller floats are attached, a boat dock, a floating woodshed, and a floating vegetable garden. The house is powered by off-the-grid sources (solar+wind).
via tinyhouseblog.com


Danny Lyon. Photographer. Activist. NYC.

Brooklyn native Danny Lyon is a self-taught photographer who joined the Atlanta-based Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in 1963 to document the U.S. civil-rights movement. His photos appeared in a book called The Movement. Danny traveled with the Chicago Outlaws motorcycle club in '65 and published his pictures in The Bikeriders (1968). Indian Nations was a book Danny put out after 4 years of visiting native reservations. His book Conversations with the Dead chronicled the lives of prisoners within the Texas prison system. He also documented the lives of prostitutes in the streets of Columbia. Lyon has spent his career photographing marginalized groups around the world, bringing attention to their struggle and giving an inside look into counter-culture lifestyles. Lyon continues to take photos, he makes films, and works for Magnum.

The Selby. Limited edish tote bag.

Silkscreened in NYC. Less than 100 up for grabs.
Being that I'm totally in love with The Selby (just like the rest of the world), it makes sense that I'd get suckered into wanting this bag!

Evan Hecox. Artist. Colorado.

Woodcuts, acrylic, ink, gouache and watercolor on paper, silk screen print on Neenah Enviro paper FSC certified fibers, chlorine free.