Skate Study House (SSH). California.

Stax Chair.

Stax Loveseat.

Nova Lamp.

Tokyo Lounge Table.

God father Lounge Chair.

Jet Set Lounge Chair.

Skate Bookshelf.

The Comet Coffee Table.

Hang up.

Astro Clock.

Designed+handcrafted in CA.
Recycled/2nd hand products+custom parts.
Pierre Andre Senizergues. CEO Sole Technology + Gil Le Bon De Lapointe. Skater/designer.
'Mid-century design/Skateboard culture/Cali lifestyle'.

Emily Sutton. England.



Michael Wolf. German living in China.

Sitting in China: The Bastard Chairs.
Check his MEGA website for incredible photos of China+other countries: www.photomichaelwolf.com

Donald Weber. Photographer. Canadian. Russia.

Bastard Eden. Our Chernobyl.
Check his other incredible photo journals: www.donaldweber.com
(especially Crime & Punishment in Ukraine and Zek: The Prison of the East)
Before photography Weber worked as an architect in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Snurk. Amsterdam. Netherlands.

Le-Clochard. Dekbedovertrek.
Erik van Loo and Peggy van Neer= Snurk ('snore' in Dutch, big surprise).

Most of the proceeds from the Le Clochard go to SZN-the foundation for homeless youth in the Netherlands.
The $$ is used to fund housing projects+ support young people in finding work or continuing their education.


Trine S√łndergaard. Denmark.

Strude (ostrich). Women wearing traditional headdresses known a 'ostrich'- a kind of masking of women used as protection against wind+ weather.
Today this is only worn on special occasions.

This series is drastically different from the rest of Sondergaards work-a past project was of prostitutes in Copenhagen, really amazing, gritty images. I also enjoyed her recent photo collaboration with Nicolai Howalt of men hunting on a misty day+of the dying birds that were hunted... www.trinesondergaard.com/


David Wilson. Director. Animator. London.

Emeco Nine-O. The Life and Times of Ettore Sottsass.
Narrated by Alan Yentob. Wieden+Kennedy. April 2008. Blink Digital/Productions. davidwilsoncreative.com

(reminded me of the chair I found in the trash a while back... everyone needs an orange chair.)

Zhu Yiyong. Artist. China.

Oil on canvas. 2007-2008.
Now at 798 Avant Gallery.

Cat's cradle.


Draw Me a Sheep. Belgium.

Designers BoYoung Jung and Emmanuel Wolfs.
Wooden structures covered with original tree bark.

"Inspired from world’s debates on GMO products and eco-crisis on earth(...) Nature, considered to be original to its core, is increasingly becoming an interface controlled by man. The simple joy of breathing clean air, sitting on a tree trunk and listening to the birds has become luxury for some(...) Our product culture, on the other hand, makes it desirable to involve nature in the manufacturing process to convey authentic value in mass production(...) On the assumption that our industry puts no limit to the transformation and reproduction of subjects with the pretense of progress, it is likely that some day we might encounter square trees growing in rows."

Mikhael Subotzky. Photographer. Activist. South Africa.

Residents Vaalkoppies. South Africa.

Beaufort West Prison.

Break-In, Beauford West. (After prison life).

Jonny Fortune baths in industrial washer for laundry at Pollsmoor Prison. He prefers this to the communal showers (no shit). 2004.

Subotzky has also documented other South African prisons including Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison and Voorberg Prison, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. He also shot a series on ex-prisoners reentering society, and has led a group of photo workshops for prisoners.

"I became interested in prisons during the lead-up to general elections here. There was a prominent constitutional court case around whether prisoners could or couldn't vote. I was particularly moved by the judgment, which spoke to 'our cherished right to vote' - which I think is particularly pertinent in this country with its history of apartheid."

I'm totally enthralled by Subotzkys photos...they offer a rare+explicit look into South African prisons and at the people locked up in them.
Subotzky is represented by Magnum photos. His work has received widespread acclaim. He is only 26 years old.