Native Shoes. Vancouver.


... been seeing these guys on the streets of Toronto recently and enjoying them... might get me a pair.
"NATIVE was founded in Vancouver in 2009 to design, produce, and sell lightweight foam-injection molded-EVA shoes. This unique material the lightest and most comfortable available - molds to your feet, is antimicrobial and odor resistant. Inspired by classic, casual silhouettes and everything we’ve ever loved about shoe design, the NATIVE aesthetic results in shoes that are easy to wear and great to look at."

Ivan Kashinsky. Photographer. Ecuador.

Las Cholitas.
High up in the Bolivian Andes Cholitas take part in Lucha Libre, a style of wrestling that began in Mexico. The Cholitas that participate in this wild sport are of Aymara decent and go toe to toe in their traditional clothing. The crowd goes absolutely wild as they enter the ring in their large colorful dresses and dark bowler hats. The fighting takes place in El Alto, which rests above La Paz at over 4,000 meters. Juan Mamami heads the wrestling group called “Los Titanes del Ring”, which includes men as well as the Cholitas. Mamami introduced the Cholitas about 7 years ago. Ever since they have been a big hit drawing hundreds of Bolivians every Sunday as well as a handful of tourists. It is truly amazing that these indigenous women have risen above the machista views of the Bolivian people to be super stars in freezing cold city of El Alto.


Training Session. Film by Christian Lalumière. Quebec.

“Through evocative gestures and movements, we discover five different athletes in training. What at first appears to be a simple training routine evolves into a ballet, where the athletes play the role of notes on a musical score. Together, they create a symphonic movement in which the notes interact — integrating rhythm, singular movements, and harmony in an intricate choreography." Produced by Emilie Heckmann and created in collaboration with choreographer Helene Blackburn & composer Nicolas Bernier, this project, written and directed by Christian Lalumière.

Kathy Halper's 'Facebook Embroidery'. Chicago.

Friend Me series.
"The images in this series began as Facebook photos of teens engaged in typical yet sometimes disturbing explorations of sex, alcohol, drugs and celebration. I then randomly paired them with comments found on various networking sites. Originally I was painting these images but once I began embroidering, a passion from my own adolescence, I felt the parental hand of concern and caring much more present. I chose a more traditional structure to acknowledge needlework platitudes such as “Bless This House” from the past while incorporating the iconic “thumbs up” and comment box from today’s Facebook page. It is this duality of the past and present, innocence and loss of innocence, privacy and the demise of privacy that fascinates me and drives me to continue exploring this subject."


Vegan Biscuit Bike Food Vendor. Portland.

Biscuit Bike is a bicycle food cart that serves vegan biscuits with gravy and Kombucha. Their biscuits-n-gravy are supplied by Black Sheep Bakery in Northeast Portland, and Kombucha is provided by Townshend's Tea Company. Biscuit Bike can be found at events, including bike races, marathons, street fairs, festivals, and private parties.
MENU: ($5-$7)
Biscuit Bike Biscuit - biscuit with soy sausage and mushroom gravy
Blue Biscuit - “bacon” biscuit with blue cheeze
Nacho Biscuit - jalapeno biscuit with Teese nacho cheese
Chocoliscuit - biscuit with chocolate sauce
Jammin’ Biscuit - biscuit with jam, agave nectar, Earth Balance
Brew Dr. Kombucha - 12-ounce cup
Big Wheel Meal - any biscuit with any gravy or sauce plus Kombucha


Casualties of War. Dorothy Collective. Manchester.

Plastic moulded figurines with bases. 7cm high.
The hell of war comes home. In July 2009 Colorado Springs Gazettea published a two-part series entitled “Casualties of War”. The articles focused on a single battalion based at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, who since returning from duty in Iraq had been involved in brawls, beatings, rapes, drunk driving, drug deals, domestic violence, shootings, stabbings, kidnapping and suicides. Returning soldiers were committing murder at a rate 20 times greater than other young American males. A seperate investiagtion into the high suicide rate among veterans published in the New York Times in October 2010 revealed that three times as many California veterans and active service members were dying soon after returning home than those being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. We hear little about the personal hell soldiers live through after returning home. -wearedorothy.com
Heavy. Genius.