Julie Morstad. Vancouver.

watercolour + ink on paper.

Margaret Howell. Designer. England.

attractive adverts.

Perry, Come On! Sweden.

Shirt X Hood Jacket. Made in Sweden. 100% Cotton.
Perry, Come On! fashion brand has only been making women's gear up till now. These genius shirts are part of their new mens collection. Ridiculous.



VNRG vs. ITIWA limited t-shirts.
ithoughtiwasalone.com was created by British photographer Lele Saveri (Vice mag Italy photo editor) at the start of 2008. 'I thought it was time to create an online platform for photographers who, while being very different, are united by a common starting point: to capture what surrounds their lives without worrying about the whats, the hows, and the whys... keeps it’s eyes on a new generation of photographers who are demonstrating all their worth, but are still not finding the exposure they deserve'. Submit photos and/or take a look at the superb work of 30+ photographers (and growing).


Dennis Chow. T.O. The Emporium Gallery.

See Dennis Chow's The Horrible World of GlamNation at the awesome Emporium Gallery
3035 St. Antoine Ouest, #7.
Thursday September 25th from 7-11pm.
The show continues from Sept 26th-Sept 28th. 12-6pm.


Christina Swaim + Lowe Hutson. The Selby.

..of Obedient Sons and Daughters.
I love this family. Radical designers! beautiful house!
The Selby=The Best site on the internet (in my books).


Jean Prouve. Designer + Architect. France.

Prouve (1901-1984) is one of the most influential furniture designers of early modern design. He designed the modern Standard chair (1934) and created wall-mounted book shelves (1954). In the mid-50s Prouve abandoned furniture production for prefabricated architecture. He designed his own house as a prototype-a major building block for prefab housing development.


For World Environment Day 2005, a team of San Francisco specialists came together to construct this house using only scrap+ salvaged materials.
Project Director=Rachel Weidinger.
Architect=John Peterson.
Structural Engineer=Patrick Buscovich.
Materials Wrangler=John Lieb.
Construction=Laurence Kornfield.


Lena Johansson. Sweden.

Paintings of photographs.

Larissa Bates. Vermonter. Lives in NYC.

Man Power 2008.

My Little War Mongers 2007.

Mother Men 2006.
Acryla gouache+ink on canvas.

Bates is the real deal. I'm obsessed.