Neil Pasricha's 1000 Awesome Things.

I laughed and cried throughout Neil Pasricha's TED speech and then immediately went to his site: 1000awesomethings.com for some more inspiration (gotta love the power of TED talks). I'm definitely getting a copy of Neil's book-gotta support positive work!
p.s Neil references Rosey Grier and his needle point work, which I blogged about a couple yrs back HERE.

Jeff Bridges. Actor. Photographer. American.

Kevin Spacey-k-pax.

Penelope Cruz-Masked and Anonymous.

Bianca Jagger. The American Success Company.

Tommy Lee Jones-Blown Away.

Tom Waits and Tom Mcguane-Cold Feet.


Hair cut-American Heart.

Heaven's Gate.

Joan Allen-Tucker.

The Tuckerettes-Tucker.

Francis Ford Coppola photographed/massaged in Tucker.

Barbara Streisand-The Mirror has two faces.

Rosie Perez (my girl!)-Fearless.

Benicio Del Toro (my main man)-Fearless.

Gary Busey-Fearless.


Isabella Rossellini in Fearless.

Wild Bill.

Wild Bill.

Amanda Plummer and Robin Williams in The Fisher King.

Michelle Pfeiffer in The Fabulous Baker Boys.

Jeff and Beau Bridges-The Fabulous baker boys.

Between shots-The Fabulous Baker Boys.

You may know Jeff Bridges from movies such as “The Last Picture Show” (which he was nominated for an Academy Award for), “The Fabulous Baker Boys”, “The Fisher King”, “Fearless”, "The Big Lebowski”, "K-Pax" or “Crazy Heart” (which he finally won an Academy Award and Golden Globe for). But Jeff Bridges is also a talented musician and photographer. As a composer, singer and guitar player he's contributed songs to the soundtrack of his films. Jeff's interest in photography began in high school after seeing a Wide-Lux in action. The Wide-Lux frame is a lot like the 1:8:5 ratio of a typical movie and because of it’s panning lens, it kinda works as a bridge between still photography and moving pictures. In 1977 he received his first Wide-Lux (35mm version with a 28mm lens - pans 180 degrees) from his wife Susan, a professional photographer at the time. He began bringing his camera with him to movie sets, documenting the making of. In 2003, his book "Pictures" was published of his best BW photos. This past fall, he had a solo show of his work at the Bugdahn und Kaimer Gallery, Düsseldorf.

Proenza Schouler. Pre-spring 2011 Collection.

this collection has grown on me...


Jerry Berndt. Photographer. American. France.

Jerry Berndthe has been a documentary photographer for over 30 years covering the Ruandan genocide, civil war in Haiti, and homeless America. His pictures have been featured in major publications including the NY Times, Newsweek, and Paris Match. Jerry's photos are represented in the permanent collections of The Museum of Modern Art NY, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Bibliotheque National in Paris. He also taught photography at the Art Institute in Boston and at Univeristy of Massachusetts.

I Like Killing Flies. A documentary on Shopsin's Restaurant NYC.

One of the best movies I've seen in a long time. It's impossible not to love Kenny Shopsin, his family (who all work at the resto), and the regulars who keep the restaurant going. Kenny is fucking hilarious (as you can tell from the vids) and has a truly brilliant outlook on life. He's your classic eccentric, big mouthed, native New Yorker. The famous 'Soup Nazi' character in Seinfeld was based on Kenny Shopsin. As a self-trained cook, it's inspiring how Kenny managed to make such a major culinary, and cultural mark on NY, one of the food meccas of the world. If you have NETFLIX-watch this flick, if not, hunt it down. Also, check out the Shopsin's menu (redonkulous) and awesome website: shopsins.com

Shirt off my back.