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Epicly Laterd + Dylan Rieder + Jalouse Magazine.

so. beautiful.
These are the outtakes from Patrick O 'dell's shoot with pro skater Dylan Rieder for Paris' Jalouse mag.
Watch the Dylan episodes on vbs.tv


Jeff Decker. Rider. Sculptor. Rad dude. Utah.

Handmade Fine Art Bronze.

Stainless steel Decker Customs SS Noose Key Chain. Slips over belt/pocket.

Flat Head Bronze Buckle. Limited edition of 100 buckles with 3 patina options.

Jeff also put out a book on biker vests called Hell's Union:

Decker’s work speaks to the fact that he has an amazing knowledge of motorcycles... “I knew I wasn’t mechanical like my Dad, but I grew up with seven acres of junkyard, and he fully encouraged my art. Sculpting is really the only art that is mechanical, and the lost wax process I use goes back thousands of years.” jeffdeckerstudio.com


D’espresso Cafe. NYC.

A cafe that looks like a library designed by Anurag Nema and his team at Nema Workshop. Appropriately located a block away from the NY Public Library, at 317 Madison Ave.
The result is a bit intense/overbearing, but I definitely appreciate the concept.
via- fastcodesign.com

Shauna Born. Artist. Toronto.

oil on board.