approx $940,00. LOL.

...but I still want one.

Tom1962's photostream. flickr.

(Tom as a young lad)

I enjoy looking through old family photos of total strangers... it seems that everyones family photos are the same in many respects... there's always the grandparent holding grandchild shots, the vacation/rare family-outing shots, but my faves are the super mundane, sitting on the couch having a giggle photos... pride possessions.
Toms profile says:
Family Man, as you maybe able to tell by my photo's I live in Maine. I'm 45 years old . I have five kids ages 12 to 24 and I have 3 grandsons. A 4th is on the way and should be here soon 1/2008...


Bruna Kazinoti. Photographer. Croatia.

Always rip out Brunas photos from mags... enjoy re-visiting them.

Dan Funderburgh. Kansas. Lives Brooklyn.


Alyssa Monks (is next level). NY.

oil on linen. 2005-2007.

James Rielly. UK. Lives in France.

oil on canvas.

drawing/watercolor on handmade Indian paper.


YMC. You Must Create. London

Created in '95 by Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins.

Jody Barton is for real. UK.

Greetings from Gemma Cumming. UK.

oil on canvas covered board.


There is a god.

Cordless 1930s style phone. Vintage class with modern features such as caller ID+cordless tech. Bomb.

Recycling at its best.

Converse sneaks made from vintage leather jackets. Pre-worn broken in feel, patchwork detailing, and side zipper. Less than 200 pairs made.



polymer |ˈpäləmər|
chemistry-a substance with a molecular structure consisting of a large number of similar units bonded together.

polyvore.com web application lets you mix images from anywhere online to create a virtual collage... created by ex-Yahoo + ex-Google employees... the site gets 1.4 million visitors a month... a fun way to waste time!