Vincent Fantauzzo. Artist. Australian.

Oil on canvas.

Onetwentysix. Creative studio. Long Island.

Client: The Brooklyn Circus, Streetwear brand.
Onetwentysix = design/typography/illustration/photography.

Trevor Burks. Illustrator. Minnesota.



Fiona Foley. Artist. Activist. Queensland.

Ultrachrome on paper. No Shades of White, 2005.
Fiona Foley is a painter, printmaker, photographer, sculptor, installation artist, writer, curator, academic. and community activist, whose work is greatly influenced by her Badtjala heritage. (The Badtjala are a native Australian group whose ancestral homeland was Thoorgine (aka Fraser Island), the world's largest sand island. By the early 20th century, the Badtjala had almost been destroyed or removed to mainland Australia by white settlers.)