50 iconic figures over the age of 65 share their words of wisdom. Wisdom is a multimedia exhibition that features portraits + documentary footage of interviews created by photographer/filmmaker Andrew Zuckerman.

Marcus Walters. Designer/Illustrator. UK.

I dig this dude for real... and so does BBC, Levis,Coca-Cola, Amnesty, Volvo, and other companies to which he has created advertisement for. Marcus has also exhibited his work in galleries across Europe+America and been featured in many books-n-mags. He has also art directed Cult mag + The Illustrated Ape.

Gretchen Nash. Graphic Designer. LA.

Dear Gretchen, is a 530 pg book that looks/analyses 187 letters that Gretchen has kept since childhood. Gretchen found the word and phrase frequency of the letters, categorizing them by sender, by date, and then wrote a personal reflection about each sender. The graphs she created show the word frequency.

ALL POLITICS/our local. is an exhibition catalog featuring Gretchen Nash as well as Edward Burtynsky, Chris Jordan, Craig Damrauer, Roman Jaster, and Die Electric. Each artist focused their work on the effects of consumerism + and waste. The purpose of the book is to inspire its readers to re-examine their daily lives + make changes to lessen their consumption+waste output.


Crumbs and Doilies. London.

on flickr.com


Wood Type.

The Hamilton Manufacturing Co. traces its roots back to the 1st wood types made in the US.
Darius Wells produced the first American wood type in 1828; his business was reorganized into Wells & Webb, then acquired by William Page, later passing back to the Wells family, and finally sold to Hamilton before 1880. A 'type specimen' book was issued in 1900, Hamilton’s Catalogue No. 14, which displays US typography of the 19th century.


Skin & Bones.

Skin and Bones: Tattoos in the Life of the American Sailor is being exhibited at Philadelphia’s Independence Seaport Museum. The show features historic documents, flash art, and bio's from some of the most famous sailor tattooists.

Waris Ahluwalia. The Sartorialist.

see previous post on (my main man) Waris here.

Becca Mann. Artist. LA.

oil on canvas.

Oil on panel.

graphite on paper.

oil and graphite on panel.
Becca Mann is represented by Roberts & Tilton gallery in Cali. robertsandtilton.com

Scott David Johnson. Artist. Chicago.

oil paintings.