This fantastic novel by Philip Roth is being made into a movie - directed by Phillip Noyce. Being that this is one of my favorite novels I'm not quite sure if I'm excited or worried about this news... definitely look forward to reading reviews once its out.


patrick andrew said...

what a fantastic writer.

just finished indignation and couldn't put it down.

can't wait to start american pastoral and the plot against america!

DL said...

For sure! fantastic stories, I always learn a lot of history/cultural tidbits reading his books. The plot against america is next on my list too! Obviously The Human Stain was awesome- hey that worked as a movie!
There are incredibly comedic parts of American Pastoral- it isn't often mentioned (cause there's lots of disturbing shit too) but yeah I think Roth has a fantastic sense of humor... or maybe I just have an F'ed one.