Studio Junction. Architecture. Toronto.

I love the open concept, use of mostly wood, and all the natural light.
Studio Junction was founded by Peter Tan + Christine Ho Ping Kong.
Other members of the studio include Roman Lysiak + Joe Lin.

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bklade said...

The Building System Technology Students at Seneca College have entered into an international design competition.
The competition, sponsored by ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers), challenges Students do design energy-efficient and sustainable buildings.
The focus of the this year’s competition is on office buildings. To this end, the team at Seneca has begun to put forward their design of a 15,650 sq. ft. office building located in Toronto.
the Students, in the interest of sustainability and urban renewal, have selected the vacant exterior bus terminal at Eglinton Station.
Through advanced construction techniques, renewable energy sources and sophisticated HVAC systems, the team hopes to design a building of LEED silver caliber and one which fits into design paradigms of the neighbourhood, while increasing the functionality of this woefully underutilized space.
The Seneca Team wishes to appeal to the people of Toronto and solicit their design advice and recommendations.
for details