Andy Spyra. Photographer. Germany.

Womenboxing in India.
"When I first heard about it I couldn't believe that something like "Womenboxing" could exists in Indian Society, especially not since Boxing was ever still a sport of the lower circles of society, which' cultural approach is in India a very traditional one. But when I come to met all the young ladies, I was amazed by their energy and will to find a way out of their otherwise by culture and cast predetermined life. Through Boxing some of the girls will be able to make a living as a boxer in one of the boxing-teams of state-run companys such as the Fire_Brigade or the Police, which maintain own Boxing-Teams and besides that provide a job in the company itself, which will provide the girls with the necessary financial Independence to live a life of their own choice. For that goal the girls exercise six times a week in mosquito-infested rings in the slums of indian cities such as Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi, hoping to find a way out of the lives they'll cycle back into after the training is over..." Andy Spyra.

Very interesting. I've always wanted to be a boxer.

A rough demo for an indy doc in production by Ameesha Joshi + Anna Sarkissian.
"Few people know that the best women's boxers in the world are from India. They swept the 2006 World Women's Boxing Championship in Delhi, winning medals in 8 out of 13 categories."
Thanks for the link Katie! (of Citizenshift)

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