Quik-Build Refugee Ecosystem (QBE).

The Quik Build Ecosystem Team= Adam Kalkin (architect), John Todd (energy systems), John Doran (food systems), Anne Adriance (corporate and cultural affairs) and Robert Kushen (government and aid liason).

The QBE is an inexpensive, quick and sustainable architectural system for the millions of refugees worldwide. It integrates economic, agricultural, energy, health and social issues into an architectural whole. This project aims to create autonomous and self-sustaining villages where people can live with a sense of dignity and self-reliance for the long term.

The basic building block of the QBE is the recycled shipping container. Recycling surplus industrial materials like containers consumes neither energy nor natural resources. The way in which the containers were stacked/arranged was inspired by the design of indigenous villages.

Bio-intensive agriculture+animal husbandry was integrated into the village architecture, creating sustainable food sources+ economic independence for the inhabitants.

A central area was included for small business, crafts and trade, allowing for community building.

The water is drawn from the ground through solar powered pumps, allowing crops to be irrigated.

Heat is captured from traditionally used bread ovens.

Methane gas is extracted from animal and vegetable waste, offering more heats for living spaces as well as fuel the cooking.

A small wind turbine generates energy for food, refrigeration + lighting.

Use of high tech thermal coatings, earthen insulation + natural shade, makes the often harsh climate more livable.

Each part of the ecosystem relates to each other and the whole.


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