The Emporium State of Mind.

Opening Thursday, June 18th 2009 7PM -11PM

Extended hours Saturday, June 20th - Sunday, June 21st 2009 12PM-5PM

Private viewings available by appointment Monday, June 22nd to Wednesday, June 24th 2009.

About Emporium State of Mind-
The Emporium Gallery and Montreal State of Mind (Montreal's most important blog focused on local bilingual arts and culture) will be combining forces to present 'Emporium State of Mind', a media spanning group exhibition that will exemplify Montreal State of Mind's mission- to promote the inherent creativity of those who live in Montreal done through the Emporium Gallery's curation. 'Emporium State of Mind' will feature the work of almost 15 Montreal-based visual artists (who will each be exhibiting one artwork priced at a maximum of $200CAD). The intent of the 'Emporium State of Mind' is to celebrate both Montreal's inherent creativity and the city's emerging artists all while giving attendees the opportunity to buy artwork at an incredibly affordable price.

Curation Statement-
"The objective of this exhibition is to exemplify Montreal State of Mind's noble mission to promote the inherent creativity of those who live in Montreal by highlighting the media spanning work of Montreal's most exciting and emerging painters, illustrators, photographers, designers, graffiti artists and multidisciplinary artists. Chock full of diverse works (unified, of course, by their state of mind), the exhibition exists to celebrate Montreal's creativity and provide a snapshot of what's happening in Montreal right now- all while giving attendees the chance to buy artworks at affordable price. This is Montreal."

Participating Artists-
Fangs is a mysterious Montreal-based consortium of successful commercial artists hell bent on creating subversive artworks that cynically and sarcastically attack popular culture.

Amber Albrecht
Amber Albrecht is an award winning Montreal-based artist and illustrator. Appearing courtesy of Division Gallery, Albrecht's work appears in numerous private and public collections.

Sean Orena
Sean Orena is a Montreal-based photographer. Currently studying at Concordia, Orena has already participated in international group exhibitions.

Alexi Hobbs
Alexi Hobbs in a Montreal-based photographer. His photographs have been featured in a number of online exhibitions such as the Humble Arts Foundation group show, the Photographic Dictionary and mus-mus.org's @600 project. He was chosen for, and participated in, the Daniel Cooney Fine Art's Spring 2009 Emerging Photographers Auction in New York City.

123Klan is a Montreal-based creative studio that was founded by Klor and Scien, in France, in 1992. 123Klan has previously been commissioned to create artwork for clients such as Adidas, Coca Cola, Nike, Wieden & Kennedy and many others.

RAGE5 is a Montreal-based graffiti artist and filmmaker. A staple of the Montreal arts scene, RAGE5 is a member of 24 Karrots who has previously contributed to Galerie Pangee's mind bending En Masse group exhibition

Robb Jamieson
A recent graduate of Goldsmiths University in London, Robb Jamieson is a Montreal-based multidisciplinary artist. Having previously exhibited in Canada, England, South Korea, Iceland, Sweden and the US, Robb Jamieson is making his presence known on the international stage.

Kit Malo
Kit Malo is a Montreal-based illustrator. A staple of the Montreal arts scene, Kit Malo is one of the principal organizers of Art Pop and co-founder of the Inside the Frozen Mammoth blog. Malo has exhibited in Finland, Mexico and Canada and has contributed artwork to albums by Snailhouse and Gentleman Reg.

Julien de Repentigny
Julien de Repentigny is a Montreal-based graphic designer. A graduate of UQAM's École de design and, formerly of Sid Lee, Julien de Repentigny's work has been featured in Design & Design Book of the Year, Typeplayer, Computer Arts, Applied Arts, Esquire (Taiwan), Nightlife Magazine, Grafika, EnRoute, etc. Prolific, his many projects have equally concerned fashion, television and visual art.

Astro is a Montreal-based graffiti artist. Widely known for his monster/character-based pieces that are visible around town, Astro has recently begun to delve into graphic design and apparel design.

Dave Arnold
Dave Arnold is a Montreal-based painter. He exhibited numerously in 2008 and has produced artwork for Fucked Up, Yo Majesty, More Proof and many others.

Ben Pobjoy
Ben Pobjoy is a Montreal-based photographer, curator and writer. His photographic work has been featured globally in magazines (Vice, Snap, Bad Day, Alternative Press, etc.) and album layouts and is currently represented in numerous private and corporate collections. Having exhibited extensively, Pobjoy has previously earned press from Vice, Urban Outfitters, the Montreal Gazette, the Montreal Mirror, Le Journal de Montreal, Musique Plus and many others.

Danielle Levy
Danielle Levy is a Montreal-based emerging photographer. The tiny powerhouse behind the amazing 'Scrapbook' blog, Levy shines at documenting global trends in arts and culture. And, in her spare time, she captures candid scenes with her camera.

Montreal State of Mind-
Created in 2008, Montreal State of Mind is a cultural blog that focuses on bringing awareness to the local creative scene. With backgrounds in various avenues of art and design, founders Jean-Aymeri de Magistris and Monica Giliati use their passion for Montreal to fuel the need to promote the creative capacity and emerging talent within the city, while offering a fresh look on daily events and social activities. With the help of friends and enthusiastic readers from Montreal and around the world, MSOM has become an important hub for the creative community as well as a tool for exchanging valuable opinions and information

The Emporium Gallery-
The Emporium Gallery was founded in 2007 with the operational intent of bringing quality arts programming to Montreal all while giving established and emerging artists from both Canada and abroad the opportunity to exhibit their artwork in a professional, artist-centric environment. Focused on exhibiting contemporary artwork of any medium, the Emporium Gallery exists to exhibit artwork that is as relevant as it is interesting.

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