Dash Snow. 1981-2009. NYC.

(photo I took on the streets of Berlin)

(video of the exhibit I attended at CFA Berlin)

Drug overdose. R.I.P

Dash was one of the raddest mofo's around. He started out as a graf writer (Sace- Irak Crew!) and eventually sold + showed his work at some of the top galleries+ museums around the world including Deitch Projects, Saatchi Gallery, and The Royal Academy in London. His early stuff consisted of mostly polaroid photography... later he created collage and installation works. I had the privilage of seeing his exhibition The End of Living – The Beginning of Survival at the Contemporary Fine Arts gallery in Berlin in '07. Dash Snow is definitely one of the greatest NY art legends of his generation... always pushing the envelope in his career+personal life. The fact that he died at age 27 is somehow not a surprise seeing as many famous+talented artists have passed at that age (Club 27).
Don't do drugs.

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