Dave Arnold. Teenage Nudes. The Emporium Gallery.

Dave Arnold's Teenage Nudes opens at the Emporium Gallery
3035 St. Antoine Ouest #74
Thursday, August 20th from 7-11pm
Also open on Saturday, August 22nd + Sunday, August 23rd from 12-5pm
Private viewings available by appointment from Monday, August 24th to Tuesday, August 25th 2009.

About Teenage Nudes
Montreal-based visual artist Dave Arnold makes his return to Emporium Gallery with Teenage Nudes- a new collection of Pop Art-infused paintings that depict ubiquitous childhood iconography, corrupted and re-imagined by the artist. Lawless and deviant, Teenage Nudes is nothing short of a warped Freudian collision of childhood and adulthood.

Artist Statement
"After years of developing an enormous collection of Archies, the stories they presented somehow lost their original appeal. As a young sexually inexperienced child I began to fantasize about what could possibly exist under the clothes of Betty and Veronica. Luckily, my older brother took the guess work out of it when, in 1991, he slipped me an extremely precise tracing he had made of Veronica Lodge's tits- which obviously blew my mind. This collection of new works is dedicated to my childhood self and all future generations of baby faced perverts."
- Dave Arnold

About Dave Arnold
Dave Arnold (b. 1981, Canada) is a Montreal-based visual artist. Known for his irreverent perspective and unique Pop-Art aesthetic which combines a modern sensibility with a penchant for nostalgia, Arnold is as obsessed with executing the perfect line as he with augmenting the charm of imperfection. Having previously exhibited D-DAY and Man International, two solo exhibitions in 2008, Dave Arnold is increasingly winning attention- with Teenage Nudes being highlighted as an anticipated exhibition in the Montreal Mirror's 2009 Hot Summer Guide. Bold and commanding, Arnold's artworks are strong visual statements peppered with satire.
*Presented by The Emporium Gallery, Switzerland CS and Bierbrier

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