Jeffar Khaldi. Artist. Palestinian. Dubai.

oil on canvas. Wish you were here.

Jeffar is the founder of Dubai's B21 gallery... he's an influential figure in the local Dubai art scene.


The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

There is a light at the centre of each piece that i don't know if i like so i'll comeback and take a second look.
take care

DL said...

The romantic query:
Yes these are highly charged images... I dont think art must always be 'nice to look at'... artwork that we may find hard to look at can be powerful because it shows us certain truths/reality about the world/us... Jeffar Khaldi doesn’t consider himself to be a political artist; the themes in his work are based on his own experiences + ideas... thus providing the most powerful material for making art. "I am a contemporary artist, I want to try and create something new and different. I don’t paint flowers.” -Jeffar Khaldi.