Ricky Swallow. Wood Sculptures + Paintings. Australia.

Jelutong wood.

English lime wood.



Bronze + Brass.

One Nation Underground.

Brian Jones Deluge.

John Fahey.

Nick Drake.

Watercolor on Paper.

I just saw the Ricky Swallows exhibition at the National Gallery Of Victoria in Melbourne and was not at all prepared for the level of awesomeness... each sculpture had incredible life-like detail... truly unbelievable. His watercolors also blew me away... wood still life's + watercolors = my fave! definitely one of the most impressive, stunning art shows I've seen.

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Jaime Lyerly said...

I was looking for jelutong wood and found your site. These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing this artist so that I can find out more about them.

Jaime Lyerly