Before I die I want to...

I feel like I have done everything I wanted to do. —Chels

Creators of this project, Nicole Kenney (NY) + ks rives (Chicago) are constantly taking these polaroids and updating their site-to inspire people to accomplish their life goals. After taking about 600 Polaroids in the U.S., Nicole + ks decided to take their project to a totally different culture- so they spent 3 months in India asking peeps the same question-see it here: beforeidieiwantto.org + the book.

P.S Before I die I want to: Grow my own food, take care of abandoned/abused animals, cycle through S.Europe, and hold a baby chimp.

P.P.S If you feel inspired please write a COMMENT about what YOU want to do before you die!


Emmy said...

Before I die I want to go to New Zealand and accept my body for how it is.

DL said...

Emmy- I love that.

(I'm likely going to New Zealand within the next year!)