Müvbox. Container Restaurant. Montréal.

Location: Quai des Éclusiers, Old Port of Montréal. Re-opening spring 2010.

Daniel Noiseux is the man behind Mubox... a successful restaurateur with a background in architecture and graphic design. The business is positioned to sell self contained restaurant units made to order to the prospective restaurateur/operator's gourmet menu offering. The "ready to ship" Muvboxes are easily transportable by rail, road or sea. The Muvbox has incorporated solar powered batteries, recyclable materials, and biodegradable packaging for customers. The notion of offering a sustainable restaurant solution to operators, coupled with healthy culinary menus, contribute to Noiseux’s ultimate mission: TO DELIVER A FUN EATING ENVIRONMENT THAT RESIDES COMPLETELY ‘OFF THE GRID’. Amen.

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