Dominic Wilcox. Multi-Media Artist. Genius. UK.

Field. Made from 400 eco-friendly shoes made Terra Plana.

Glove. 2003. Cotton, Rubber. Made using a cast of Dominic Wilcox's hand.

Foot Print. 2002. Boot, rubber.

War Bowl. Plastic model soldiers.

For Nike's 1/1 and 'Art of Football' projects. Plastic football players.

Anti-Theft Bike/Car stickers.

Swing. 1999. Steel frame, steel chain, wood.

Bed. 1999. (wicked for 'side sleepers' like myself.)

Toothbrush case. 1999 Aluminium, Brass.

Two way Toothpaste. (Of course!)

Quite a body of work... and there's more here:

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