Francesco Masci. Artist. Italian. Brooklyn.


The Galaxy of Icons. Oil on canvas.

Molecular Journey. Oil on canvas.

Living and Dying For. Oil on canvas.

The Zurich Winter. Oil on canvas.

The Chino Series. Oil on canvas.

Pre-Totem. Oil on Canvas.

The Twitter Issue. oil on canvas.
"Twitter’s not just the next step in online communication or social networking, according to Francesco Masci—it’s the next step in civilization. In Masci’s “Twitter Issue” paintings, the little blue twitter mascot hangs with Gregory Bateson, Charles Darwin, and Jean Baudrillard... claiming that every “revolutionary” new tool belongs to a history of great ideas." Read more of Francesco's interview on this series with The Morning News here.

See more weird and wonderful work by Francesco Masci here: cargocollective.com

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