Moshe Safdie's Marina Bay Sands.

Marina Bay Sands. Hotel. Singapore.
Mega next-level futuristic architecture.

Moshe Safdie was invited by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation to develop a competitive design proposal for Marina Bay Hotel in Singapore. “Our challenge was to create a vital public place at the district-urban scale, in other words, to address the issue of mega scale and invent an urban landscape that would work at the human scale,” said Safdie. The total surface area of the three 55-storey hotel towers totals 929,000 sq meters. The towers are connected at the top by the 2.5- acre SkyPark (located 200 meters above the sea) which includes a 150-meter outdoor infinity pool and observation deck. Hundreds of trees are planted on the SkyPark, celebrating the notion of the Garden City which has been the basis of Singapore’s urban design strategy.

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