Nike + Undercover Gyakusou.

This October, Nike + Jun Takahashi, founder/head designer of Japan’s clothing line Undercover, will release the first Nike x Undercover Gyakusou performance running collection. Gyakusou takes its name from a group of Tokyo-based runners –including Takahashi–who passionately run in their city. ‘Gyaku’ meaning wrong way or reverse and ‘sou’ meaning ‘run or running’-a reference to the group running counter-clockwise while the rest of Tokyo’s runners run clockwise in the city’s parks. Nike + Takahashi focused on colors, wanting to provide an alternative to traditional running neons/brights. The result sees subtle colors that Takahashi describes “reflect a harmony with nature” fused with reflective safety details and a recurring red trim inspired by the artery vein. RADical.
via- highsnobiety.com

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