Blackbox Macbook Pro Cases.

Created by Lance Atkins. Hand made in Colorado. The body is made of two pieces of solid red oak hardwood. It is lined with wool felt padding. The strap is made of natural grain oiled leather. Weighing only 1.5 pounds, the cases are light AND hard to crush. Each one is hand numbered, and comes with a 'welcome card'. “Your case starts as two pieces of hardwood that are milled on our CNC machine. This means that your computer will fit in your case perfectly. Not tight. Not loose. Just right every time.” To top it all off, 15% of your case purchase goes to charity. Why the name Blackbox? The creator, Lance, decided to chase his childhood dream and became a pilot. In an airplane the "black box" is a crash-proof box where all the most valuable information is protected and stored.

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