Thaylor. Life + Market. Canada.

The Thaylor Corpo T.

Frederic Law Olmstead.

The Thaylor Century T.

The Thaylor Teamster T.

The Thaylor Zip Duffle Hooded Sweatshirt.

The Thaylor Royal T.

Button T.

Thaylor T's are printed in MTL using water-based ink, giving a softer more comfortable feel and causing less environment impact. They are made from high quality lightweight 100% combed cotton in Canada.

ALENA Ancestor x J. Thaylor x ACE x Solitary Arts. Solid maple boards, with J. Thaylor hand drawn graphics + a wedge block kicktail in mahogany. Wheels and bearing from Solitary Arts. Limited to 20.

Featured on THAYLOR's 'Life' section: Happy Crimes. Original drawings by Sophie Jodoin, text/sound by her collaborator Jhave.

THAYLOR is a web based creative community and marketplace, founded and run by designer, friend, and fellow Montreal-native Jeremy Bresnan. THAYLOR is a platform for creative ideas and people, selling select items by and for the creative community, along with its own brand of timeless goods. Life: The Culture section of the site is constantly updated with new, inspiring artwork, writing, photo essays, video etc. by THAYLOR's contributors.
Market: "A city without a good market is a suburb. We see our market as a direct reflection of what we’re doing in LIFE and as such the products we choose are pretty close to our hearts. There’s a great mix and we add new things on a regular basis. We are very particular about the brands and the people we work with. We appreciate good, creative, independent ideas that are well crafted and designed with a respect for the environment and everybody involved in the process of bringing the product to life."
Thaylor Products: "We craft THAYLOR product based on timeless design, performance, old age thinking and modern know how (...) We try to make our goods as close to home as possible so we can more easily oversee the sampling and production and cut down on our carbon footprint. Less distance + less shipping costs + less travel time = Easier all around, and it keeps things moving in our local economy, which we see as a good thing."
Thaylor is a member of the 1% for the Planet alliance- founded to build and support businesses who were financially committed to creating a healthy planet. It's a growing global movement of nearly 1500 companies that donate 1% of their sales to a network of close to 2500 environmental organizations worldwide.

Shop THAYLOR products and experience more THAYLOR LIFE here: thaylor.com

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