utd. unite two design. NY.

beam from 1800's farmhouse, steel square tubing, gang mower axles.

Abandoned bumper sticker, found decorative posts, 1800's farmhouse beam (media stand).

beam from 1800's farmhouse. bulldozer sprocket. gang mower axles. bands from demolished silo. steel wagon wheel.

Extinct chestnut from mid 1800's schoolhouse. rebar from defunct construction project.

1800's farmhouse beam, random construction rebar, square steel tubing.

discarded bulldozer sprocket.

reclaimed wood from 1800's home remodel. construction pins from bridge project.

Support beam from 1800's home. 10 inch drain pipe from defunct construction project.

1800's ox hitch. retired stop sign. reclaimed i-beam. construction pins.

Support beam from 1800's home. gang mower rollers/1950's. chain from great lakes ships-early 1900's.

Unite two design = Keith Traub, Jonny Sinclair, Theresa daddona-traub. A collaboration of creative friends who build original furnishings from reclaimed materials. They recover their materials from local farms, industrial sites and residential projects to build 'responsible furnishings'. "Our unique, farm-raised furniture has a character and style all its own." Reclaim, redesign, repurpose is their moto. I like it.

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