Ferran Adrià. Chef. Author. Creative genius. Spain.


EL BULLI - COOKING IN PROGRESS trailer. 2010. Directed by Gereon Wetzel.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations El Bulli. August 2011.

I adore/admire chef Ferran Adrià, the creator of elBulli- a Michelin 3 star restaurant in Catalonia, Spain. Described as 'the most imaginative generator of haute cuisine on the planet', Adria has created numerous cooking techniques and food technologies used in molecular gastronomy + the culinary experience. El Bulli closed this past July 2011, but will reopen as a creativity center in 2014. The center will be a think-tank where candidates from around the world will be invited to brainstorm and extend the boundaries of culinary innovation. Much of the exchange of ideas will take place via the Internet and the Centre’s creations will be open for feedback from guests during specially-organised tasting sessions. The Centre’s creations will also be available for restaurants around the world to adopt.


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Nice post. It should be nice at least to give credit to photographers. Your first photo holds a copyright, I am the owner and the author.

I have no problem on giving permission to use my photos as long as credit is given. The first photo belongs to Portrait-of-Ferran-Adria-The-faces-of-a-genius-43.jpg as written in the metadata.

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Thank you for the info crediting the photographer! I will add a note to the photo!