Maricor&Maricar Manalo. Illustrators. Designers. Animators. Sydney.

Embroidered illustration commissioned by ESPN magazine's 'Go Play' section.

Inspirational sayings.

'Turns of Speech & Figures of Phrase' is inspired by lyrics misheard and mixed up.

Inspired by a photograph of an Antoni Gaudi mosaic.

A Rolling Stones lyric - the palette inspired by the architecture of Cinque Terre seen above.

Goo'sto Gus'to -a play on word(s): Filipino word gusto means 'want'+English word for gusto = 'energy' ("I want energy")

Epic battle.

Their process.

You might recognize MaricorMaricar's work for Architecture in Helsinki's video 'Like it or Not', but the twin-sister design team have lots of other awesome art built up over the past 2 years since making that music vid. I adore their embroidery pieces, and encourage you to check out their other graphic/illustration stuff HERE: maricormaricar.com

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