Josh Atlas. Artist. LA.

"While reading Adam Gopnik’s New Yorker article on the future of desserts, I came across this quote from White House pastry chef Bill Yosses: ‘Dessert is aspirational (...) It’s the one part of the meal you don’t have to eat. It’s the purest part of the meal: the art part. But it’s also the greediest part, the eat-it-in-a-closet part. We don’t have to have it, and we do. When I was a kid, I would stuff my face with eclairs. I still would, I guess...’. He succinctly touched upon everything wrong with indulgence - the unnecessary, greedy, and even shameful side. But we are left with him trailing off, still trying to justify his moment of pure enjoyment. I was surprised by how closely his thoughts on dessert matched my ambitions as an artist." - joshatlas.com

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