Bungsu. Krupuk Maker. Sumatra.

Bungsu lives in the village of Desa Nusa, Aceh, an area that was mostly destroyed in the 2004 tsunami. Because of an early warning, most of the villagers lives were spared, including Bungsu and her family. After the tsunami, Bangsu continued making krupuk as she had for over 10 years. Before the 2004 tsunami, Desa Nusa was known for making snack foods, that people would make at home and sell. Bungsu is the only women left in the village still cooking and selling krupuk today. Krupuk is a generic term for fried treats and Bangsu's are made of tempeh, a delicious fermented soybean product.
Why I love S.E Asia... food-crafters like Bangsu who make one thing only-but do it well.
From Stephanie of Trans Planted food blog: trans-planted.com

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