Humble Arts Foundation. NY.

Brian Shumway.

Christina Range.

Brad Dececco.

Mark Hartman.

Aron Gent.

Elizabeth Rabb.

Bob O'Connor.

Lacey Johnson.

Jon Gresham.

Klara Källström + Thobias Fäldt. Sweden.

Bradley Peters.

Thomas Macker.

John Mann.

Jeongmee Yoon.

SK Riley.

The Collector's Guide To Emerging Art Photography. Curated by Alana Celii, Jon Feinstein and Grant Willing.
Humble Arts is a non-profit organization that works to advance the careers of emerging photographers by way of exhibition and publishing opportunities, limited-edition print sales, twice–annual artists grants, and educational programming. Since it's founded in 2005 by amani olu + Jon Feinstein, Humble has put on 28 group shows and has served as a resource for collectors, galleries/museums, curators, photo editors, and bloggers internationally.
The photos included are my favorites from the various group+solo shows as well as from the new book.

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