March 2009 NYC Art Fair Roundup.

Ma Yanling. China.

Huang Yan. China.

Yamaguchi Akira. Mizuma Gallery. Tokyo.

Charlie Roberts.

Muntean/Rosenblum. Vienna/London.

Karl Haendel. LA. (graphite on paper)

Kent Henricksen. NYC. (embroidery)

Olaf Breuning. Swiss. Metro Pictures gallery. NYC.
(C-print. Letters made from images of hundreds of birds)

Troels Carlsen. Denmark.

Pip Brant. US. (textiles)

Maya Gold. Israel.

Shin Sun- Mi. Gallery SUN contemporary. Korea.

EVOL. Berlin. Wilde Gallery. (painting on cardboard)

Josh Keyes. David B. Smith Gallery. Denver.

Ivan Navarro. Chile. Lives in NY. Roebling Hall gallery.

Hugo Lugo. Mexico. Painting. (not my pic)

Ikeda Manabu. Mizuma Art Gallery. Tokyo. (not my pic).

Troels Carlsen. Denmark. (not my pic.)

Just got back from a whirlwind trip to NYC for the March international art fairs: SCOPE, The Armory show, Volta Show + Bridge fair. A highlight at Armory was Troels Carlsen's work with Copenhagen's V1 Gallery... one of the few showcases of a single artists collection... it included paintings, sculpture, and works out of paper using collage mixed with painting- check him out. I was introduced to the work of Francisco Valdes, a Chilean Londoner whose work is hard to come by online but is really special. Another exciting artist at Armory was Manabu Ikeda of Japan. I loved his exquisitely detailed version of 'The Great Wave' (see pic). At Scope, the Roethlisberger + Jahic series titled "Invisible Heroes" consisted of of small, simple illustrations of hilarious youtube stills on paper. At Volta, a series curated by artists Noah Singer + Mike Andrews called Imperfect Articles showed limited-edition, hand-dyed/printed T's of works by new+established contemp artists (like Royal Art Lodge) imperfectarticles.com.
I was pleasantly surprised by Volta-smaller is definitely better! it was my fave show by a long shot.
The Armory was overwhelming as usual but not as quality as last year... it was missing soul... the focus was on sales and not on 'genuine art appreciation'... most gallery reps/owners only engaged with collectors... maybe this change in vibe is due to the current financial times?
Scope was rad! I went to an interesting panel discussion they had on Street Art with speakers including Steve Powers (ESPO), Pedro Alonzo (curator), Ron English, Marc and Sara Schiller of Wooster Collective.
I'll skip Bridge fair next year.

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