Redefining American Identity. Paper mag.

Geoff McFetridge.(Amazing) Canadian-born artist+designer.

Kevin Roberts. CEO + creative force of Saatchi & Saatchi.

Shepard Fairey of OBEY GIANT.

Alex Kalman, Josh + Benny Safdie. Red Bucket Films.

Mike Mills. Graphic designer, film-maker, author, rad cat.

Andy Spade of Kate Spade + Jack Spade.

Paper Magazine's founder Kim Hastreiter, asked 15 brilliant minds including Andy Spade, Kevin Roberts, Shepard Fairey, Ron English, Steve Powers, Chris Johanson, Mike Mills, Geoff McFetridge, and Alex Kalman, to create ads that would help redefine America’s identity. Featured in the newest issue of Paper.


Luiza said...

awesome - especially the last one.

DL said...

definitely the most powerful!