Anton Kannemeyer. Artist. South Africa.

Black ink and acrylic on lithographic print.

Acrylic on canvas.

hard ground and Aquatint on paper.

black ink, pencil and acylic.

lithographic print.

Black ink and acrylic on Xerox.

Pencil, black ink and acrylic on paper.

Kannemeyer tackles a lot of issues politicians + journalists tend to shy away from, by using a mixture of the stereotypes associated with political cartooning. He uses a Tintin-like figure to portray himself, as a white African trapped in his own incriminating skin; a character who cannot escape his colonial past regardless of his personal political convictions. Kannemeyer's commentary on post-apartheid society + the current bigotry bred by political correctness and hierarchy, has created a new brand of socio-political satire in South Africa.
Kannemeyer is co-editor of Bitterkomix, a satirical comic magazine.

The dude's got balls.


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