Seripop. The Emporium Gallery. Montreal.

Seripop's No Henge exhibition will open at the Emporium Gallery
3035 St. Antoine Ouest #74
Thursday, July 2nd 7PM-11PM
The exhibition will also be open on Saturday, July 4th + Sunday, July 5th from 12PM-5PM.
Private viewings will be available thereafter by appointment from Monday, July 6th to Wednesday, July 8th.

About No Henge
Seripop is a Montreal-based, award winning creative duo that is internationally recognized for its stylistically distinct street posters and sculptural print installations. No Henge, their first solo exhibition in Montreal (and first Canadian exhibition in almost 2 years), elaborates on Seripop's penchant for psychedelic exuberance through an immersive, silkscreen-based kaleidoscopic take over of the Emporium Gallery. No surface will be left bare so be prepared for the onslaught.

Artist Statement
In 2005 Seripop started experimenting with sculptural print installations. The installations are aesthetically informed by poster making and comprise of large totem-like folded origami structures that look both like buildings and meat grinders. These sculptures and environments around them are made with screenprinted stock that is folded or pasted in overlapping layers on the gallery walls and floors, much like the layers of posters that accumulate on city walls. Ultimately, the installations are abstracted visual comments on the relations between urban landscape and design, graphic design, the evolutionof form within fine arts and the urban person. This is made by the use of imaginary 'logotypes' and forms evocating the urban environment, art and design history and clich├ęs. Screenprinting on paper is a medium that is historically associated with these subjects; its flexibility allows the dimensions necessary for the installations to put the viewer in context.

About Seripop
Formed in 2002, Seripop is the nom de guerre of Chloe Lum and Yannick Desranleau, the award-winning creative duo behind Seripop. Based in Montreal, Seripop has earned international attention for its stylistically distinct, silkscreened street posters which have been featured in notable books such as 'New Vintage Type', 'New Masters of Poster Design' and 'Print Liberation: The Screen Printing Primer' among many others. In 2005, Seripop began experimenting with sculptural print installations which led to Seripop having solo exhibitions at Peacock Visual Arts in Aberdeen, Scotland, Bongout Gallery in Berlin, Germany and Spedition in Bremen, Germany. They have also exhibited at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft in Louisville, Kentucky and are preparing for an exhibition at Baltic Contemporary Arts in Gateshead, England. In addition to Seripop, Lum and Desranleau play in AIDS Wolf, a noise-rock band and Hamborghinni, a drums and electronics project.
*Presented by the Emporium Gallery, Switzerland and Bierbrier.

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