Snorre Ytterstad. Oslo.



Anonymous said...

The title for the work above is "To Pierre Menard, Author Of The Quixote", 2006

..this is a text from the artist page at artmesh about his work:

"This art work is a “re-cycling” of ideas and stories with its reference to “Don Quixote” by Cervantes, a work by the Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco, “Four Bicycles - There Is Always One Direction, 1994” and the short story “Pierre Menard, Author Of The Quixote”, 1939 by Jorge Luis Borges. In the short story Borges describes an author who sets his mind on rewriting Don Quixote by Cervantes but end up with an exact copy of the original"

DL said...

wow thanks! awesome info!! couldn't find much myself ;)