The Bamboo Bike Studio. Brooklyn.

Two-Day Bamboo Bike Building Course.

The Bamboo Bike Studio started with an appreciation for bicycling-the best solution to simple, self-propelled, affordable (and enjoyable) transportation, meeting the needs of a world burdened with dwindling resources and an ongoing climate+energy crisis. They teach people how to build their own bamboo bicycles from scratch out of their Brooklyn studio. Bamboo is a renewable, fast-growing resource and a performance-positive material. All energy from their US bamboo bike workshop is directed into establishing self-sustaining bamboo bicycle factories in developing countries. "As part of our working collaboration with the Columbia University Earth Institute-based Bamboo Bike Project and the Millennium Cities Initiative for development, we provide testing and prototype construction at no cost. Together with our partners, we aim to establish scalable bamboo bike factories in Millennium Cities, starting with Kumasi, Ghana, Kisumu, Kenya, and Quito, Ecuador. This initiative addresses two key international development goals: 1) Improved Access to Transportation, and 2) Sustainable Light-Industrial Development."
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