Patrick Tsai+Coley Brown. The Emporium Gallery. Montreal

Growing Up will open at the Emporium Gallery (3035 St. Antoine Ouest #74) on Thurs July 30th (7-11pm). The exhibition will also be open on Sat, August 1st + Sun, August 2nd (1-5pm). Private viewings available by appointment from Mon, August 3rd to Wed, August 5th 2009.

About Growing Up-
Growing Up is an ongoing collaboration between Tokyo-based photographer, Patrick Tsai and NYC-based photographer, Coley Brown. Documenting this lifelong act, which they have done across the world, their exhibition features candid photographs of personal moments that are both intimate and magical. The outcome is a mesmerizing survey of growing up- one of life's most universal experiences.

Artist Statement-
"Growing Up was spurred by a spontaneous scene we witnessed together at Shibuya station in Tokyo, Japan- where two high school girls were leaning against a wall, one was crying while the other was trying to comfort her. Even though they were surrounded by a city of millions, they were the only ones that existed for that brief moment. The photograph we took of them that day eventually became the genesis of our project, a project whose intention was to document and explore the inevitable process of growing up."

About Patrick Tsai
Patrick Tsai was born in America in 1981. After graduating from the film program at NYU, he moved to Taiwan to practice photography. Three years later he met Chinese photographer, Madi Ju and moved to China. Together they started the online studio/photo diary, 'My Little Dead Dick' which obtained cult status and was thereafter shortlisted at the 2008 Hyere’s festival. After his break up with Ju, Patrick moved to Tokyo- where he now resides. His work has been featured in various publications such as Vice Magazine’s Annual Photo Issue and Foam Magazine.

About Coley Brown
Coley Brown was born in Louisiana in 1987. At age 19, he moved to New York City where, for the next two years, he traveled the USA assisting photographers such as Ryan McGinley. His work, the result of his constant traveling and exploration of the world around him, recently resulted in 'Jam Jelly Honey Wild Rice'- his first monograph and, his first solo exhibition in Osaka, Japan.

Presented by The Emporium Gallery, Switzerland CS, Bierbrier + Converse.

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