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Google's Free Food Budget = $7,530 Per Googler / $72 Million A Year.

If you work at Google headquarters in California you get ALL KINDS of benefits! one of which is free lunch, dinner and snacks, made fresh daily by gourmet chefs. Google's moto is "Give the proper tools to a group of people that want to make a difference, and they will."
CEO Eric Schmidt said, “the goal is to strip away everything that gets in our employees’ way. We provide a standard package of fringe benefits, but on top of that are first-class dining facilities, gyms, laundry rooms, massage rooms, haircuts, carwashes, dry cleaning, commuting buses – just about anything a hardworking employee might want.”
One of the employees at Google, Brett L., started this flickr profile to showcase all the awesome food he eats at work everyday. Love it. flickr.com


zoƫ said...

wows all around

DL said...

I want to work for them big time.

Retro Jordan said...

Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed your most recent post. I think you should post more often, you obviously have natural ability for blogging!