David Shaw. Artist. Montreal.

David Shaw's The Outside Dream opens Thursday August 20th from 8-11pm
at Blizzarts 3956A St-Laurent, Montreal and runs till September 3rd 2009

About The Outside Dream
With anywhere from 4 to 6 million motorcycles in Saigon alone, Vietnam's streets are a chaotic tangle of noise, motion and pollution. Working from a series of personal photos taken from the busiest intersections throughout Vietnam, David Shaw's new collection of watercolours captures the anonymous travellers of the world's most congested urban centres, making revealing narrative portraits of the otherwise invisible.

Artist Statement
"Each painting in the series is a labour to capture an unguarded moment from an almost faceless commuter in the unending parade of Vietnam's traffic. I want the viewer to absorb not just the individual, but also the act of taking an ephemeral moment and binding it down to a piece of paper; the process of hunting for an image, shooting it, preserving it, and mounting the thing on the wall."
- David Shaw

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