Dennis Chow at the Emporium Gallery. Montreal.

Dennis Chow's Sinisterly yours, GlamNation opens at the Emporium Gallery
(3035 St. Antoine Ouest #74) on Thursday, September 24th from 7-11pm
The exhibition will also be open on Saturday, September 26th + Sunday September 27th from 12-5pm. Private viewings available by appointment from Monday, September 28th to Wednesday, September 30th.

About Sinisterly yours, GlamNation
Brooklyn-based illustrator Dennis Chow makes his return to The Emporium Gallery with 'Sinisterly yours, GlamNation'- a new exhibition of illustrative works on 'cels' that depict an alternate world of fantasy and rebellion ruled by colourful cartoon villains and loveable anti-heros.

Artist Statement
"Sinisterly yours, GlamNation was inspired by my lifetime adoration for cartoons and the magic they posses. The work in this exhibition is my hommage to two simple pleasures from my youth- Saturday morning cartoons and animated intermissions at matinee 'double features'.

The exhibition is also a personal look at how I have become everything that has ever inspired me. All the characters and stories that I have ever imagined have taken over and, they have forced me to release them into this waiting world. The outcome is an exhibition that is an alternate utopia where heroes don't exist and bad guys forever rule." - Dennis Chow

About Dennis Chow
Dennis Chow, who works under the GlamNation moniker, has exhibited the world over and been commissioned to illustrate for brands like Nike, Vice, Mishka NYC (and many other street wear companies), bands like The Handsome Furs and Death from Above 1979 (he created the album cover for their final remix album) and publications like the Walrus. He has previously been profiled in Lodown Magazine and Beautiful Decay.

*Presented by The Emporium Gallery, Switzerland CS and Bierbrier

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