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Doug Brown's Black on Black pens at the Emporium Gallery (3035 St. Antoine Ouest #74) on Thursday, September 10th (7-11pm). The exhibition will also be open on Saturday, September 12th + Sunday September 13th (12-5pm). Private viewings available by appointment from Monday, September 14th- Wednesday, September 16th.

About Black on Black
Toronto's Doug Brown returns to The Emporium Gallery to showcase new oversized, mixed media artworks chock full of mythical, folkloric iconography inspired by the existential darkness and malaise associated with the current global recession and, his own trials and tribulations over the past year. Black on Black is bleak, ominous and begs one to consider how much things will worsen before they improve.

Artist Statement
"After my previous exhibition last fall, which was colorful and optimistic, I was creatively exhausted and simultaneously affected by the general grimness surrounding the global financial crisis. There was just something different in the air, a new mood of sorts, where everyone was bummed out- a malaise that was compounded, at least where I live, by the fact that winter which was quickly approaching. Black on Black isn't a statement about, or a criticism of, these grim times. Rather, it's a visual exemplification of a perceived universal sentiment that I and others felt- which, when I got down to working, resulted in menacing 'black monk faces' that stare down at us and challenge us."
- Doug Brown

About Doug Brown
Doug Brown (b. 1977, Canada) is a Toronto-based visual artist. Very much multi-disciplinary with regards to his artworks, Brown is known for his bold, oftentimes oversized stencils, paintings, sculptures and mixed media pieces. Having already exhibited in numerous Canadian cities (such as Vancouver where he was part of the launch event for the paperback version of Beautiful Losers), Brown is continually taking his artworks to the masses- intriguing exhibition attendees with the visual onslaught of his artworks' patterns, characters and tactility.

*Presented by The Emporium Gallery, Switzerland CS and Bierbrier

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