McDermott & McGough. Artists. Tastemakers. NYC.

Oil on linen.

Publication based on their exhibition/series A True Story Based on Lies.

An Experience of Amusing Chemistry. McDermott & McGough.

A History of Photography. McDermott & McGough.

To say that David Mcdermott + Peter Mcgough are great artists is the understatement of the century. I think their work is incredibly exciting and I am fascinated by them as people. Much of their imagery comes from famous old Hollywood films, with iconic actresses like Lana Turner and Susan Hayward making special appearances in their work. I can relate to their love of the 'old world', and their disappointment with modern times... I do think its ironic how their work is so next-level and contemporary when they are totally inspired by all things vintage/old school... however the fact that they lived/worked in NYC's East Village proves to be an equally predominant influence in their style-the Pop Art/Andy Warhol comparison relates.
This video sealed the deal for me... McDermott + McGough are BIG TIME radical.

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