Rafal Wilk. Artist. Filmmaker. Poland.

oil and acrylic on canvas.

still from Zeeb Risky.

I discovered Rafal Wilk's work after he contacted me about seeing my blog... which sometimes happens with artists... but it's rare that I actually like their stuff... which is why I was so hyped about Raf's radical art. Rafal has made two awesome films to date, Szpak was his first film about Marian Szpakowski, a famous Polish painter. His most recent project titled Zeeb Risky (Zeeb-Wolf in Polish) is a mock documentary about a North Pole explorer/artist. "The film depicts creation in difficult, extreme conditions", said Raf, who made the film near his family home in the Polish Mountains. When I asked him about his inspirations for the film, he mentioned the Pink Floyd album/soundtrack to Michaelangelo Antonioni's film Zabriskie Point-which is unexpectedly cool. It's unfortunate that I don't hear more/know more about Polish Contemporary art cause it seems like there's all kinds of goodness cooking up there...

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