SEED Container Housing. Clemson University.

With the recent, tragic earthquake in Haiti, the SEED container project is more relevant than ever... by utilizing an existing surplus of shipping containers, the Clemson University designers from the Dep of Architecture/Landscape Architecture are researching/developing an affordable housing solution for the Caribbean Region. Constructed entirely out of steel and reinforced + 8 corner post moment connections, a shipping container can resist overturn when exposed to winds up to 140 mph (stable in hurricanes). With some modification, a 40′(320 sq ft) containers can be a safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly home. These containers also exceed structural code in the U.S and every other country, so they can be useful in places other than the Caribbean. Before being transported, containers are simply cut in a few strategic places to allow for airflow and light, then at the site they're coated with ceramic paint for insulation and fitted with wooden shipping pallets that act as "pods" for bathing + cooking. A model container will be part of the 2010 National Sustainable Design Expo in Washington, and a prototype is to be built in the Caribbean in 2011.

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